Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sailing under the blue moon

Hi crafter's

I have recently come across some scene building stamps from Stampscapes. They are brilliant for creating real life scenes. These stamps fill that desire to make something that looks like a painting and I am addicted to them, I need them all! The card above was one of the first I made and I was so pleased with the result. I have quite a stash of them now. The process isn't difficult. I started with an A6 piece of Clarity silk card. First I inked up Seaside Cove Sm with Adirondack Eggplant, stamp at the bottom of the card. Then I took the Moon stamp and inked up as before. Dab the ink off the edges of the stamp leaving just the moon, now stamp in the sky. Ink up the Milky Way stamp in Eggplant and dab some of the ink from the edges. Stamp next to the moon on one side then repeat the other side. Underneath the moon I did the same but used second generation stamping. Lastly I inked the Sailboat (love this little boat) and placed it in the water. To colour in I have used Distress Inks in blue and purple. Put some light blue on to a Splodge mat and using some Cut'n'Dry foam sweep ink from the outside towards the middle leaving some white in the centre. Repeat going from the other side. Pick a darker shade of blue and sweep from the edge again but don't cover all the first colour. The sky is coloured in the same way but I have used more purple than blue leaving more lighter areas, the stamp will guide you. Add some purple in to the water to reflect the sky. Create shadow in front of the boat with Cut'n'Dry Nibs, these are very handy for all the small details. For the beach and rocks I used Adirondack Sandal. Lastly add highlights with a white gel pen. Put white in the sea, splashes against the rocks and stars in the sky. Buff up the silk card with a tissue. My background  was made using the ink left on the Splodge mat, spritz with water and pick up the colour with a piece of paper. Cut to size. Mat and layer silk card and background paper on to black card. Mount on to a white base card.
That's all for this time, hope you like it.

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  1. So admire your skill with inking.....another beautiful piece...x

    1. Thank you so much Barbara, very kind x


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